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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Protection Direct Launches New World-Class Customer Service Platform

Platform will transform the service contract industry and create a better overall customer experience

St. Louis, MO July 2, 2008 – Protection Direct, one of the leading independent brokers of vehicle service contracts, has announced today that it is launching a new customer service platform that it hopes will transform the vehicle service contract industry.

The new platform will be launched over the next six months and will include various initiatives intended to create a better overall customer experience. This includes: 1) increasing the transparency of the company, including its marketing materials and coverage plans, 2) enhancing and expanding the company’s portfolio of hassle-free services, and 3) offering new ways to save customers money by pairing them with coverage plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

“We are confident this initiative will not only strengthen our new and existing customer relationships, but will also disrupt the status quo in our industry,” said Geof Reusch, Chief Operating Officer of Protection Direct. “Our new philosophy is clear and simple; help our customers get involved with plans that are tailored to their needs and keep them as a partner for the long term.”

Brokers of vehicle service contracts have recently come under attack for over-promising and, in some cases, failing to fulfill their commitments to customers. In fact, these concerns led the Missouri Attorney General to take action against the industry.

“The industry, as a whole, has failed to live up to the standards its customers deserve,” said Reusch. “We have heard from our customers and are prepared to lead the way in changing our business and transforming our industry. Our customers deserve hassle-free products and services that will help them save time and money; and that’s exactly what we intend on delivering.”

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